014 Norppa Rocking Toy

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Norppa is a rocking toy that takes its name and form from the endangered Finnish Norppa seal. Whilst all Vaarnii products are designed to last, this concept is especially appropriate for Norppa, an object that should be cherished by multiple generations. Norppa is skilfully milled from solid pine with the distinctive grain adding contour and expression to the seal shape and face. Every characterful Norppa Rocking Toy will be subtly different from the next.

Made in Finland of Finnish pine.

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All Vaarnii products are locally made by a small number of expert Finnish makers. All pine wood is harvested from sustainably managed Finnish forests.

Pine is very characterful material. As a result of the naturally occurring oils and resins, pine will change colour as it ages. Heartwood and sapwood will start aging at a different speed resulting in gorgeous stripy patterns. The color will gradually even out and mature to a beautiful honey tone over the course of years.

Although our pine wood is the hardest soft wood you can find, it will dent and scratch over time. We ask you to embrace these characterful signs of aging.

Our raw material is hand selected for maximum quality. Because of the nature of wood, each product has a unique grain, colour, and pattern.

Norppa rocking toy specifications.


19 kg


Matte wood oil (Osmo Color hardwax-oil 3062 matt)


Verstas Saimaa – Lappeenranta, Finland

Origin of Pine



CE marked: tested and approved as a toy according to European standards.