Thinking With Our Hands 

London-based design studio Studiomama merges the design sensibilities of Jack Mama and Nina Tolstrup. The pair produce designs that are well considered, playful and honest. Among their most popular projects is the Offcuts series, an informal collection of animal-shaped figurines they create from scraps of wood in their workshop. Continuing their passion for playful objects is the Norppa Seal for Vaarnii, a joyful rocking toy with a compelling sculptural quality. Interview by Rosa Bertoli

Vaarnii's designer Kwangho Lee at work

When Materials And Time Meet 

Celebrated Korean designer Kwangho Lee’s designs are characterised by clarity of concept and a very tangible love of construction. In his body of work, a singular material is often returned to over again. Structure, and a fascination with the point at which materials meet, are common themes too: knots, welds, and joints are also prevalent. Our own singular material, pine, created a comfortable starting point for Lee, who has produced a sculptural AA series for Vaarnii.

Psychedelic Pine

Designer Fredrik Paulsen has a long-standing love of pine. What began as a relationship of convenience, when Paulsen turned to accessible materials as a young designer, has developed into a deep-held appreciation. Today Paulsen’s much-coveted psychedelic pine furniture and structures are defining works in a genre of design that promotes unpretentious materials. Paulsen is also a compulsive producer of chairs, making him a natural choice to design Vaarnii’s 001 Dining Chair.

Henrik Tjaerby at his workshop.

Can You Draw A Car?

Carefully crafting wooden objects by hand is a much-loved pursuit of Danish designer Henrik Tjaerby, yet the economy and efficiency of industrial design is his passion too. Tjaerby brings these two alternate methods of making together in furniture designs he describes as the product of a ‘50/50’ approach; craft and engineering combined. What better match, then, for Vaarnii where craft skills regular run alongside hi-tech processes in their pursuit of a modern vernacular. Tjaerby’s first design for Vaarnii is Osa, a series of outdoor furniture that perfectly demonstrates these shared values.