013 Osa Outdoor Dining Chair


Henrik Tjaerby

Made from heat-treated pine able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, the Osa Outdoor range by Henrik Tjaerby is explicitly functional and purposefully elemental in its design. The Osa Dining Chair is intended for use alongside our Osa Outdoor Table, sharing the same proportions and distinctive seating planks. It is tough; designed to survive both wet weather and sun exposure, and reliable; timeless seating from which to enjoy many summers. This is a chair with limitless potential that needs little explanation, says Tjaerby.

Made in Finland of Finnish pine.

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Outdoor dining chair made of heat treated pine
Pine outdoor dining chair


All Vaarnii products are made locally by a small number of expert Finnish makers. All pinewood is harvested from sustainably managed Finnish forests.

Our outdoor products are made of heat-treated pine, Lunawood ThermoWood®. Thermowood is a non-toxic material produced by using only heat, and steam. The heat treatment makes the furniture weatherproof, so no other surface treatment is required. If you wish, you can treat your Osa furniture with natural wood finishes for the exterior (such as decking oil), which can help keep the product clean. 

Products will start reacting with UV light very quickly and begin changing colour towards a beautiful silver tone once unboxed. The products will reach their final color after approximately one year outdoors. Ask us for a sample piece of the aged thermowood at info@vaarnii.com.

Although our pine wood is the hardest soft wood you can find, it will dent and scratch over time. We ask you to embrace these characterful signs of aging.


Puulon – Padasjoki, Finland

Origin of Pine