008 Bowl


Mac Collins

The form of Mac Collins’ Bowl is definite and unwavering in its evocation of sturdiness and stability. A low centre of gravity is achieved by a shallow bowl elevated, like a platform, on top of thick legs. The Bowl is confident, advertising its longevity, to provoke a long-lasting attachment through their endearing character, but their design is also a reply to the specific qualities of pine; ‘It was important to me that the design would be as honest and deliberate as the material’. The qualities of the wood are shown off through a combination of straight lines and curves, horizontal and vertical grains.

Choose from two sizes; medium and large.

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Vaarnii 008 Bowls, fruits, coffee cup


Pine will naturally change color as it ages. Your pale piece of furniture will gradually mature to a beautiful honey color over the course of several years. Pine is a soft wood and will also suffer some dents and scratches over time. We ask you to embrace and enjoy these characterful signs of aging.

Prices (incl. VAT) medium €300 and large €400.