007 Alter Mirror


Industrial Facility

Industrial Facility describe the Alter Mirror as a ‘small piece of architecture for the wall’. The mirror is characterful and distinct but also intended as a quiet addition to an interior; a piece of furniture that is comfortable and ready to serve. The mirror has angled sides made from solid pine surrounding a copper-tinted mirror ‘to embrace you warmly’ say Industrial Facility. Plus, there are additional assets discreetly hidden along one side of the mirror; a helpful row of small hooks.

Choose from three sizes.

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Vaarnii 007 Alter Mirror
Vaarnii 007 Alter Mirror large and 009 Alter Mirror small


Pine will naturally change color as it ages. Your pale piece of furniture will gradually mature to a beautiful honey color over the course of several years. Pine is a soft wood and will also suffer some dents and scratches over time. We ask you to embrace and enjoy these characterful signs of aging.