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Altor-backed Network of Design partners up with the Finnish disruptor Vaarnii

Network of Design (NOD) launched in 2020 to bring carefully selected Nordic design to every corner of the world. Today, NOD is proud to announce our investment in Vaarnii, a furniture company that makes brutally sophisticated objects from a single raw material; Finnish pine. All made by local craftspeople and workshops in Finland.

Vaarnii was founded in 2021 by Antti Hirvonen and Miklu Silvanto with a vision to create simple pieces that will last for generations and kickstart a new era of sustainable furniture. Each Vaarnii collection begins with raw pine, chosen for its Finnishness and distinct qualities. The company collaborates with celebrated international designers to disrupt the market by combining local manufacturing with a unique tech industry skillset, making Vaarnii faster and more agile than most other design companies. 

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with Vaarnii. We have been following them since the start of the company and we are very impressed with not only their skills and talent, but also what they have built in this short period of time. This collaboration represents a meeting of minds, where creativity and innovation converge to shape the future of design. We look forward to the incredible journey ahead” says Therese Hillman, CEO at NOD.

“For Vaarnii, this partnership is the perfect next step. We are in a phase where we will truly benefit from NOD’s expertise and footprint. Their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability aligns perfectly with our values, and we believe that we can achieve remarkable results together”, says Antti Hirvonen, CEO and co-founder of Vaarnii.

“We are building a movement. A brutally sophisticated company with a fundamentally sustainable, simple and mono-material approach. Made in Finland from Finnish pine. And in NOD, we have the perfect partner for the next stage of growth”, adds co-founder Miklu Silvanto.

With Vaarnii, the NOD family now counts 10 brands that collaborate and share expertise to strengthen each other’s growth and create beautiful spaces around the world: String Furniture, Byarums Bruk, Photowall, Cooee Design, Kid’s Concept, Grythyttan Stålmöbler, Kasthall, Vaarnii, Wall of Art, and Norling Studio.


For more information, please contact:

Saara Argillander, Head of Marketing Vaarnii,

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